Friday, October 25, 2013

Cranking through October, out of here soon / builds directly in line after I return.

 I knocked out the polishing and everything else on David M's 29er - very nice!

 Looking good, off to PHX for a life of rocks & cacti.

 Very elegant, IMO.
 ....And then on to Brad A's 650 = I have been going to an over sized seat tube for most everyone over a certain weight & height, here i am making it from scratch, essentially creating an externally and internally butted tube from 4130.

 ST sleeve.

 Drilling H2O holes & how not to ding the other side of your tube when doing so - insert a scrap tube.

 BAM! Ready to be tacked to the BB shell.

 Pretty water tight.

 Front triangle done, 650B x 120mm travel Fox fork.

Shop inspector/cheer squad.

 I even got out to see what was left of the fall colors.

 And got to go boating with my beautiful wife on out 12th anniversary.

 Many, many trout were caught.

 New friends were made, thanks for going, Hank & Jon!

Enjoying the shade.

 My life. Isolated in beauty.

That's it for now, folks.
Brad A's bike will be the last before we go to Baja from Nov 10th to Dec 6th, we will have a house sitter, so we can still receive packages.
I will hit the ground running upon returning, and here is who is up immediately: K-Bar, E-Mark, Steve C, Tom F, Teresa H, Deb L, Matt P, Pollard, Jim G, Kevin D, Christie D, Scott K, Scott/Z3, Serge, Mike V, Shilo P, Keri P, Andrea, Steve H, Steve K x 2, Rob B, Christian L, John C, John L, Bill S, Stabo, mike B, Lee A.
- Steve.

Sunday, October 13, 2013

Busy, busy........bikes are coming out more awesome then ever / blogger scrambled my pictures!

 Got Michael's frame back - racer green with gold sparkle topcoat - this will be a stock color - it ROCKS.

 Some bikes just nail the lines, and this is one of them - a 650B x 100mm travel.

 Long & low, not made for slow.

Excellent clearance on this frame, room for a 2.5" with clearance no sweat.

 On to Brad A's frame after the one I'm working on now - like I said, pics scrambled.

 Some shop tips - a DIY butting gage reader.

And, how to move big things solo - this is hard to move, solid steel base, but with a simple rod underneath I can shove it across the room in a wheelchair with a small shove.

 I get sent lots of things - it makes my day! I got some Luck today - Thank You!

 I need all I can get, here is what I'm looking at right now - A shelf of Luck - imagine how screwed I'd be without all this luck - there are some bad-ass things in there, each with a unique story.

I also got a really cool looking book, it's next on the reading pile. Who are you, and thanks allot -
 I LOVE books.

 He-Man brazing rig. Get your fire on!


 These big head tube brazes are done with a Victor #3 and 3/32nd rod

 Above, mono-braze, below, a tight bead.

Checking clearances. Nice clearance for a 2.35 x 29er no problem.

 Tight fit-ups. These are all for David M's 29er.

Coco-Motos all diet'ed out.

 That's it for now, all - thanks so much for reading!

Saturday, October 05, 2013

Bikes out the door in Oct - please note, we are out of the country for three weeks starting Nov 10th.

 Been damn busy building bikes as we are out of the country in Baja for just a little over three weeks coming up on Nov 10th - Oct is looking to be an insane month, so get ahold of me sooner then later.
 So, I got BB's 29er out the door - it's just beautiful - sorry for the somewhat marginal pics, I'm not a photographer & the client wanted to go ride it - can't blame him on that one!

 Super beautiful in the falling sun.

 Last rays of the day.

Stoked Guy!

 And on into MG's 650 - it came out damn near perfect.
 Here, details of the hand drawn blueprint.

 Glad i took all that geometry & drafting in school.

 Bustin' out vent holes & miters.

 All tacked up & ready for brazing before seat stays.

And then on to being brazed up.

 And after a soak an alignment check.

 Better make sure the wheel & the cranks fit.

 Onward to Fun Stays.

 And then a ton of fine polishing.

 Off to paint, limejuice green with gold.

 Such a nice frame.

 My nerve impingement has subsided to a dull tingle at times rather then not being able to use my left hand, which is awesome - I even got to ride for the 1st time in about 4-5 weeks, which helped my head space considerably.

Tubes in, bikes out as fast as I can while maintaining the highest level of quality - Steve.