Monday, October 24, 2011

getting on getting on.

Justin's frame, just needs a ton of polishing and a handful of braze-ons. A nice bike!

I may be a slow builder but my stuff is straight. It's an aspect of the job I quite enjoy.

Finishing spearpoints + the eyelets I added on before the dropouts were attached.

Natural puddle, just faceted.

As-brazed. There's over 1/2 a rod of brass in that end & all the others as well.

As-brazed, de-fluxed.

Ditto here - that's money.


Checking clearances. That's a panaracer 32.

Looking good - the dot is perfect center. just needs a little lovin'.

Seatstays at the get-go.

......and all fixtured up. Time consuming stuff.


Frame # 25 from 2004 back for a little repair - a stick-to-derailleur incident in WI. Off to get the area blasted and get a whole new dropout.

I got out for a nice ride but also popped a rib! *#**#!!! ouch!

it hurt so bad I was barely able to finish the ride. yelps of pain, and I'm pretty F'ing tough.

Not bad! at least I got in one fall ride. Barely saw anyone but we did see a big fat black bear run all the way across a big open meadow - cool.

Grovel in beauty. Hozho'ji.

Glory from on high.

Working hard on Justin's "Stuart" frame and fork before starting Douglas H's project.

I gotta rethink the "Stuart" frameset, they will likely go up ( A "Stuart" is a full braze-on light tour/fender/disc 700c bike) as they are TONS of work!

Just cruising along, getting a good stream of orders, just got three orders in three days from three continents - Cool & Thanks! - Steve.


Walt said...

Steve, I never get tired of looking at those gorgeous fillets. Still gotta get my ducks in a row to try building one that way someday.

steve garro said...

come do some Sedona riding this winter & we'll melt some metal!