Saturday, June 28, 2008

select shots of what be happenin'

her's some cool pics of what i've been up to. got in a quick'n'dusty spin up waterline road for a couple of hours solo the other day. the wind whipping around the dust at my level had me picking little crustballs out of my eyes for a day or so. also, we went fishing at knoll lake. pretty! we camped out on the edge of the mogollon rim - a 3000 vertical foot escarpment that runs across the middle of arizona at around 8000 feet elevation - and watched storms and lightning march across the huge expanse of land below us for the sunset in what was the first rain of the upcoming monsoon season. the next day we hit the lake by 6:30am. all together we probably got around fifty trout that day, and saw a bald eagle, several ospreys and a snake. i've got the smoker going right now cooking up some of the larger and less fortunate trout. unfortunately for them, they are delicious. here in it's near completion is ted's frame. i just have to de-flux the braze-ons, drill the bottom vent hole, and stamp the serial # on it and it's off to paint. lastly, my final chore for the day - lacing george's sweet new wheels! steve.

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