Wednesday, June 25, 2008

bad pictures of cool stuff.......{sorry}

it's been hot & i've been busy. we got allan's 29er all built up yesterday, it came out really nice! he's got it set up in the touring personality, but it can swap over to a full on trail bike no problem. color - butterscotch with goldflake. once again, sorry for the sucky pics this week, maybe it was the ted's bike just about done, here's some SWEET brazing shots before and after de-fluxing. not much polishing to be done on those. and, hey, all you steel bike owners - here's a visual reminder to pull out your seatposts and shoot some lube in all your vent holes - a totally rotten OM flyer jonathan was trying to rehab. lastly, a pic of a great post card from zak in seattle - it's ignatz mouse and officer pup! sadly missing is krazy kat. this threesome populated the comic strip "krazy and ignatz" by george herriman which ran for about forty years. i have some of the collections from the 20's. they lived in kokonino county and the art was awesome and the humor was dry and really odd and all in all it was a pretty psychedelic comic, one of my favorites.


mimbres man said...

Looking worked there Steve. Nice work as usual.
Speaking of psychedelic...EGADS! I posted a new entry on my blog. It is my attempt at trying to describe my psychedelic afternoon.

(I'll try to post more often now that school is out)

Krazy Kat..."I just love that mouse!" Classic stuff!

EdelBikes said...

Hi Steve !
Nice fillets !
I recently switched to Gasflux blue paste, much better than the Sif I was using before, and much-much easier to cleanup... However, I'm surprised by the very little quantity of flux you seem to use. If I rememebr well, you don't use the gasfluxer for laying the fillets, right ?
And BTW, I remember you had a panel saying "do not put anything on this table" on your alignment table !!! ;-)