Monday, July 18, 2016

Build list / let me know what's up

 Howdy, all!

As you likely know by now, I am setting up for a sabbatical after 27 years of working on bikes and going on 14 of frame building to work on my house, see if I need surgery(ies) and take a break and rest my thrashed out body for a few months, and then get back at it.
resuming building again with a few twists.

As such, I am getting near the end of my queue, which at the apex had 43 orders, which is  a damn good stack of fillet brazed bikes, forks, wheel lacing, and full builds.

So, here is the list as it sits - if you are listed, you have the next two on deck and maybe the next three after that the respond that you are getting a bike when your name comes up, or you will receive you deposit back IN FULL.
This who were on the list, when I get going again, will have dibs / raincheck, but I can tell you it's going to cost more as everything got more expensive.

So, here it is:

On deck / being built: Jason R  & Pollard

Next,  let me know your status ASAP, when I call you make the call yay or neigh:

 BT, T. Fahey, Dana E, G. Stone, Kip M, Paul E (you HAVE to come get it or figure out shipping) C. Reichel, B. Siebersma, S. Hitchcock, C. Maldonado

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