Sunday, December 27, 2015

12/26/15 = bikes in progress, end of the year build queue - check it out!

 A 29er for Bend, OR = done!

 It's nice to be back into MTB's

 It's been stupid cold here, so getting some work done.

 And then on into a 650B / 27.5"

 Tubing rounded up.

 Fits checked for proper H2O placement

 Cleaned & tacked

 Then all brazed up.

 Now being polished out!

So, here is the remaining build queue until I take a sabbatical for a few months to catch up on so many things that have been piling up for the last 10 years, including working on my old trashed body!  

 I will not take deposits in January like I have the last three years, and if you are in the "Hold" list when I build out the last of the queue, then you will receive your deposit back at this time as to have a clean slate, *but*, when I start up again, if you choose, you can have 1st dibs on a build - I just can't hold onto deposits through this period.

When I start back up, there will be new models, prices, practices and offerings as the bike world is changing fast.......and I will be perusing the new offerings and "Standards" to ascertain what I will be offering.

So, here is the build queue:
JP: Off to paint post holiday.
JJ: On Deck.
N. Tritle: Next.

Then: Dana E, A. Kohl, Don B, Perry D, Eric P, Chris R, John U, Stu L, Jason R, David T, BT, Matt F, Tom F.
 Getting short!

HOLD: B. Siebersma, Steve H, Kip M, Paul E, Steve H, Pav x 2, Craig M.

There you all go, happy Soulstice!
 - Steve.

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