Sunday, September 20, 2015

Tall Dirt Roadster / build queue changes / no new orders this January / respond or get refunded

 Here, a tall DR - it still need the Di2 ran, steer tube cut to length, bars taped, and all the bits set up for the rider.

And, here is the state of the nation, folks:


I intend to build out my list, and when I get to the last one all orders on "HOLD" will be refunded, as when I build out the list I am going on a much needed sabbatical to work on several projects, including myself.
No Exceptions - Clean Slate 100% reboot of Coconino Cycles!

I am motoring through it all, and as such, expect more notifications, as I'm trying to get bikes to the people who are solidly waiting for one, so if I don't hear from you, or you need some time, you go on HOLD - at the end of the list, you will get your deposit back unless you are ready for an Immediate build, not next, not next month, NOW.
 And, if something will keep you from getting your bike at this time, please ask for a refund, no worries!

What next, then, you ask?
After some time off, I will take a list of people who want bikes.
 No deposits.
I call you, you want a bike, then you send me a deposit, and we build one.
Don't want one?
 Then you can get removed, or sent to the end of the line.
No deposits, no shuffling orders - and the thing is, it will work so much faster for everyone, I've tried this system for going on 14 years, so let's try something different, eh?

Current list, people who are ready are rising to the top like cream on milk:

* S. Khamal = in the jig, polishing front triangle.
* Michael H - working on fork.
* James P.
* Nate T.
* Steve H.
* Paul Eckert = you coming from Oz to get this?
* Dana E.
* Jennifer J.
* Don B.
* Eric P.
* Perry D.
* Andrew K.
* John U.
* Jason R.
* David T.
* BT
* Matt F.
* Derrill W.
* Tom F.
Stu L, Bill S, Steve H, Craig M, Kip M, Pav x 2.

And questions, please ask!
 - Steve.

And to sigh off, if you made it this far, a sweet Mountain Cruiser!


Jeff said...

Not a bad sign off Steve. \M/

steve garro said...

Not quitting, just taking a break!

Paul Eckert said...

Hi,I haven't visited the Blog for a while,tho FB has kept me up to date..ish...I am trying to find time and funds to collect from CCWHQ..if I can pull it off,it will be a fleeting visit,most likely a week,as of today,I have only wheels and shifters/brakeset acquired,settled on XTR derailleurs and cranks,tho teeth numbers still a blur,want low enough to climb trees,but high enough not to spin out at 35mph...will keep you posted on progress down here,cheers,P.