Sunday, May 10, 2015

3rd cruiser down, off for a birthday week, then into Dirt Roadsters = if you have a bike on order, please check the build list here.

 Here is a whole Mountain Cruiser from the get-go = I always build the fork first - no sense designing a bike around a fork that doesn't exist……..

 Just needs disc mount & cable guide.

 A new pack!
I am a man of simple yet refined tastes.

 Full sized blueprint.

 Tubes selected.

 Custom seat tube for 30.0 post, client is 6'7"

 That's some reach.


 Get your miter on

 Freshly brazed

 Fitting the kicker

 Tacking it in level.

 Full thickness 6mm rockers - I dig 'em.

 Nice run!

 Man…… big callous…….

 Alignment checks.

 Center of the bike.


 Headtube correct.

 Axle centered & dropouts in phase.


 Wheel Check

 Inspector says "Let's play ball"

 Nicely done.

 Ciphers……..stay bends, actually


 All brazed, not just tons of polishing

 With fork

 All polished out.

 Man, my hands are hurtin'

End results are stunning.

 Just smooth all around.

 Full polish, now all the braze-ons.

 Out in the rain!

All ready for Spectrum, I think SP has something quite fancy planned…….

So, I'm off next week to heal & kayak for my B-day, then into three dirt roadsters in a row with forks,
the three will be built in this order:
Kenton H, Russell L, John L.

And then if you are in the next five listed below drop me an e-mail and get ready, and if you have decided on a Dirt Roadster let me know NOW so I can piggy-back you onto this DR run, I an learning it's so much easier this way, to build in like groups - keeps things straight when building three very different "models."

As such, here is "the list" after the three above =
Dave R, Shabir K, Wendy N, Craig M, Michael H, Chris R, Kip M, James P, Nate T, Steve H, Paul E, Dana E, Jennifer J, Don B, Eric P, Perry D, Andrew K, John U, Jason R, David T, Pav, Mrs Pav, BT, Matt F, Derrill W, Tom F.

On hold: Stuart L, Bill S, Stabo.

Thanks all, see you after next week, drop me a line, or I will to you, will be getting painted cruisers back next week as well!
 - Steve.

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