Monday, March 16, 2015

Last 10 days have been mayhem / build list progress

 Well, first of we have been dealing with this - we wrecked our poor old truck, luckily we are *mostly* OK, obviously Lothar the Chevy is not going in for this level of repair, not at 300,000 miles - it may live again someday, but putting major cash into a rig with this many miles may not be a good call, and we don't know the full extent of the damage, but boy, a bunch of rust got left on the highway…… we have been going through the process of buying Coconino Cycles a new truck, pretty cool, time consuming, and not what we wanted to do this week, but the writing has been on the wall for quite some time so we are not unprepared.

 Denise is totally fine, but I took a big hit from the seat belt, old school vehicle, no airbags or anything, so it jacked up my right shoulder pretty bad, I was really hoping to not hurt it this year, or the other one for that matter, it's a real chronic problem for us in wheelchairs, metalworkers in them even more so.
 Also, I was hoping on this trip to rest my left elbow, which has tennis elbow so bad that before the trip I could not pick up a coffee cup with my arm extended - I can paddle a boat, just not do tiny detail work with my fingers, which is, well…….pretty much what I do, right?
 Handcycle riding?
Yeah, forget that……..sure hope I can do that again…….maybe soon? Feeling really bad and crook from zero exercise.
So, I went in for some "dry needling" where they stick a nice sized needle into the joint over & over again to induce blood flow to the area. Damn, that hurts! Wow!
 But, I think it's helping, if I can just lay off work for a few days & rest it up, which is what I'm going to do, then the upcoming few days will see me sort parts & materials for the next five builds and do general office work - if you are in the next five "upcoming builds" then drop me a line if we are not already communicating, which likely we are.
Currently, with not a fully working limb, I guess I better…….get better……spring seems to have me in it's sights for injury every year, "beware the ides of March" and all that.
 As if this is not enough, a good friend of ours dropped dead just a couple days ago, when I was hurt his wife was a saint to us……….we had to go be by her side, it was just crushing.

 The cruiser for Tod L is pretty much done but for waiting on the Rohloff 14 speed internal rear hub and the SON 28 front generator hub, which require special and precise cable and wiring routing, and I need to build the wheels to do this, so just waiting on parts, and then it will go to Spectrum Powder Works for finishing, as will ALL BIKES from now on unless otherwise specified by the client - this is going to add weeks to the delivery, but it will be a huge upgrade in finishing, much of the last price up charge was to accommodate this for all, I just could not do any more re-paints………

So, that's where I'm at.
As always, I'll power through, and get bikes a-flowing.
And here is where the projects lie:
Tod L: waiting for parts, off to paint.
Shilo P: review this cruiser, if you likey then off we go, fork blades mitered, your call on brakes.
Kenton H: good to go, fork blades mitered
Russell L: fork mostly built, other parts here for frame.
Jeff A: waiting for your Type II
Then down the line for awhile: Dave R, Shabir K, Wendy N, Craig M, Michael H, Chris R, Kip M, James P, Stuart L, Nate T, Steve H, Paul E, Dana E, Jennifer J, Don B, Eric P, Perry D, Andrew K, John U, Jason R, David T, Pav, Mrs Pav, BT, Matt F, Derrill W, Tom F.
On Hold:
Bill S, John L, Stabo

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