Tuesday, January 21, 2014

2014 - what's up, please read/pics in no order, blogger is messing with me/upcoming builds.

 Well, sorry for the absence from blog-land, but I've been terribly busy, blogger has been messing with me but I think I have it licked, and I have been building right along as well as taking orders for the 1st two weeks of January - the queue is closed again as to allow me to concentrate on getting all you folks your bikes ASAP.
 So, some of the projects which have been rolling through the shop.......
Above, I finally got a picture of the straight double top tube cruiser - beautiful!
And, K-bar's 650B in process.

 Above, a big fat fillet for maximum carve-ability, and below, one after significant toil.

 Below, completed frame.

 Here we see E-Mark's 29er Coconino Mountain Cruiser, currently at Spectrum Powderworks for a classic cruiser paint job - it should be stunning!

 A pile of nice work, there.

 Below, a detail of just some of the extra work on a cruiser, and this is why they are an extra $200.00 on top of the base price.
There are hours more work involved, maybe a full metalshop day.

 Above, K-Bar's 650B painted in AZ copper with gold topcoat, I now have 20 stock colors and three topcoats, anything that cannot be accommodated thusly is custom, and is farmed out to a couple vendors, primarily Spectrum powder, at extra charge - stuff like chevrons, pin striping, flowers.....

 A stunning bike!
And below, what I'm working on at the moment, another 650B, this one for Steve C.

 MG got his 650B up and running, he was on an ill fitting 29er, and this bike fits like a glove, maybe better.
This is stock color "Razor Green" with gold topcoat - I'll photograph the actual color chips, and post them on my webpage, which actually got a facelift recently.

 Stoked guy!

Now that I got the blogger bug fixed and the build queue settled, you will hear from me much more often.
Without farther adieu here are the upcoming builds, if you are in the top five please drop me an e-mail and lets get cracking!
Tom F, Teresa H, Deb L, Matt P, Pollard, Jim G, Kevin D, Christie D, Scott K, Scott Z3, Serge, Mike V, Shilo P, Keri P, Andrea, Steve H, Steve K x 2, Rob B, John C, John L, Bill S, Stabo, Mike B, lee A.
And, if you just sent in a deposit, you *are not* shown - if you have a concern as to if I got your deposit, drop me an e-mail. 
 I'll be back soon - gotta go knock out some bikes, as you see.
Thanks for all your collective patience, I am likely not even going to take orders in January 2015 to catch up unless everything goes exceptionally smooth and I can stay out of the doctor's and the PT's offices this year unlike last where I was a frequent flier.
Best, thanks, and good health to you & yours in 2014!
- Steve.


Mimbres Man said...

Your cruisers are the coolest!
Been riding my orange Coconino SS and loving it!

Walt said...

Stay healthy Steve!