Saturday, March 30, 2013

As busy as can be - Wow, it's April.

 Jim E's 650B MTB came back from paint, due for assembly today - more pics to come.
 Barry W's cruiser also returned, and is good to go other then a head badge - it came out elegant.
Ready for pickup.
 And, Josh's 650B coming right along, being polished today.
 I think this is attempt #2. Getting used to new materials sometimes you have to round file a couple units - part of the job.
 I try everything I can think of to get bikes right - everything.
Still learning every day.
 Cut by eye using a hacksaw & a warding file, about 5min.
Below, sweet fit up!
 Straight & centered.
 All around here as well.
 And faces parallel.
 Wheels fit with gobs of room.
 And on to seat stays.
 Brazed up.
 Shop Monster getting big - up to 16lbs!
 Been very busy getting the farm ready for growing season - looks like it's going to be an awesome fruit year - BUSY.
Still time for some fun, though.
Time to go build some bikes!
- Steve.

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Justin hoppmann said...

Nice interview on the radio!