Tuesday, November 06, 2012

Let's do the time warp again!

 Wow - I feel like the last couple weeks just flew by - super busy, and Eric's Big Bike really took over my time - every single part had to be specially fabricated as a one off - usually bikes use some parts I can make in batches ahead of time, but there was none of them on this bike.
100% from scatch, even more then usual.
 This bike has a larger seat tube and post then I usually use - a 1.25" tube, using a 30.0 post.
 I had to hand-ovalize some tubes, they are evenly pressed between these two white oak pieces.
 Front triangle tacked, it's something like 84cm from BB to HT and damn, - it held it's straightness perfectly over such a huge span - thanks!
 Scale: front triangle in front of Eiji's complete 650B frame.
 With stays.
 Fabricating the seat stays.
 Small dude, big frame.
 Above & below, some tight brazing.

 And again above & below, I had trepidations about the level of accuracy on an object this big, but I really took my time, and it sure paid off, it came out really stinkin' spot-on!

 Above, really nice brazing, and below, straight out of the dunktank - it's fully polished and ready for paint now.
 I laced these new wheels for D, new 650b offerings from WTB - smooth lacing, straight, and good &stiff. Chris King hubs, 14-15-14 DT-Swiss spokes, 24yrs of building wheels.
Yes, I still build wheels for the masses, new only, drop me a line.
 Above, the finished 120yr old hammer project - very good.
 D's bike post trashcan overhaul, her main scoot, a 3-4 year old 650B.
New King BB, hubs, WTB rims, Kenda tires, headset parts, brakepads, entire drivetrain, discs, tubes......
 Gus-Gus the shop helper, not helping.
Below, Jason C's frame already in fabrication as we speak. A 29er off to SLC.
 I only got out for a full two days for recreation of any kind - I also blew out my back for a solid 2-3 days along the way the last few weeks.
We did get a fine day out boating!
I'm glad my beautiful wife loves this stuff too.
 Jim G floating and casting.
 Bass were caught, below Mr, D-Hall.
I even got out for one bike ride. It was awesome.
That's what's going on, people.
There are some of you coming up quick on the build queue - Jason C - UP.
John L, Barry W, Steve K, Michael L, Jonah M, Josh B, Tim H, Jim E, Matthew F, Rhino, Taylor McK, Barin B, Kyle O, Bryce B, Lynda, E-Mark, K-Bar, David M, Karl R, Brad A.
Thanks, all! - Steve.

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