Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Sally Girl - best black dog ever.

 16+ years on planet earth, every state in the west many times, four trips to Mexico and loved by thousands.
Most will never be so lucky, Man nor Beast.
We love you and miss you and still feel you and I thought I saw you all day.
Speed on, black dog.


Anonymous said...

Oh, so sorry. I always loved seeing that girl trotting along beside you in all the photos of your treks.

Mike V said...

My Condolences :(

Lost two dogs to old age, and I can feel your pain.

God Speed


Anonymous said...

I'm so sorry, Steve. Losing a good buddy is tough; hang in there.

spydersmom said...

Wishing you peace and trusting your fond memories of a beautiful life with your precious baby will give you comfort. Rest in Peace across the Rainbow Bridge, Sally Girl.

tammy and fry (another very special black dog)

Anonymous said...

Sorry guys. Had many dogs and they DO very much become part of you. Doggie heaven must be outrageously frisky.

Rody said...

Gonna miss her, you and Denise have been blessed with the time you've had with both pups. My heart goes out to you both.

AaronL said...

My condolences on your loss.

xjoex said...

You guys gave Sally Girl the best 16 years a dog could have and that is awesome! Look how happy she is in those pics.

She's somewhere chewing on a stick now.


Walt said...

I never got to meet you, Sally. I hope there are a lot of squirrels and a nice soft bed for you wherever you are now.


Meriwether said...

I hate that they have such short lives...It never seems to get easier to lose them for me.
Wow, 16 is such a great long life, she was a very lucky dog to get out there so much with you guys.