Wednesday, August 08, 2012

Working along on Dave's 29er.

 Here is Dave's 29er at the get-go.
It had a new Paragon Machine Works oversized headtube, a new "standard" for longer travel suspension forks, 44mm.
It adds 50g over a "regular" 1.125" headtube chunk of the same length and I have also made large vent holes in the intersections to not only lighten the frame but also allow moisture to vent and lube to be applied. Also included are the single speed CocoMoto dropouts, handmade seattube sleeve, and internally relieved BB shell - let's go.
 Bam! front triangle all busted out.
 .....and, laid out for alignment check.
 Checking the wheel clearance with a 2.35" rampage all the way forward.
 Checking to make sure the segmented seat stays are in phase - very nice.
 And, all jigged up to be mitered simultaneously.
 Here, brazed up and all ready for polishing - door closed due to blowing rain.......
Curvaceous booty shot.
Super busy, thanks for reading everyone, also Coconino Cycles has a Facebook page, check it out if you wish, it gets more traffic daily then the blog get weekly, and blog posts are up there as well - cheers, Steve.

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Kyle said...

Beautiful work as always. And a beautiful part of the country you get to explore.