Sunday, July 22, 2012

Dave's bike is so sweet it deserves it's own blog post.

 This bike is sweet.
There has been much dialogue on the WWW concerning whether you are basically a poor or boring builder based on if you are open to strange or non mainstream bikes. For me it's not appearance that I sell - it's fit. Appearance is secondary, and i believe form follows function, and if it's built correctly to function, then beauty is naturally achieved, like a fine blade, a wild trout, a sea kayak, or a custom bicycle.
I built my reputation not through making people look, but by hopefully helping them see - to see what performance and comfort I can provide from 23 years of professionally working on bikes, touring all over the world by bike, over 20 years of racing from short track to 100 mile to 12 hour to 24 hour events, and on top of it a solid fabrication background. This is what I sell, and I think what is pictured here is the quintessential Coconino Cycle.
 Flow. Plus, hand-cast lost wax bronze headbadge from BDL.
 Grace through function - Deus ex Machina.
 All filed & polished "Signature" frames are taken to this level of finish work in the following pictures - white hides nothing, and there is nothing to hide - no bondo or filler, just metal and honest labour.

 Bolted to the table for frame prep - facing & chasing all the threads, ect.
Finished bike, a 650B single speed, very tight, light & right. Que Guapo!
Thanks for reading, everyone - many thanks - Steve.


Mark said...

Form follows function? Does that mean less is a bore?

steve garro said...

if it is built to form there is no "Less" or "More" there just "Is"

Japhy rider said...

shred "IS" as shred does! that's a fine looking ride.

Anonymous said...

That frame looks awesome! The welds are so so nice, thats crazy that you can get it look like that.