Friday, June 08, 2012

June 2012 - back at it.

 Here is Melissa's bike, a dedicated singlespeed to live here in Flagstaff, with Coco-Moto dropouts and an upcoming full build kit of some of the finest components available. Stay tuned.
 A sweet, light, curvaceous 26" x 100mm travel MTB.
And, below, Chris drove down from Elko to pick up his new ride, and ride it.
 Above, the start of Greg's 29er for the Colorado Rockies and beyond.
 Front triangle tacked, and chainstays added.
 Here is a short series of pictures of making seat stays, "who bends your tubes" is up there with "where do you buy plans" and "who does your drawings" - only one cat here, Me.

 Not much in the heat for a 16 year old dog and a 6 year old cat to do but sleep.
And it's too dusty to handcycle, but we got in some paddling - a great day with my beautiful wife - super busy here, thanks to all & more soon - Steve.

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Anonymous said...

Lovin' the cat pic, oh and I think you may need a new wire brush soon (4th pic down) :)

Pete - England