Thursday, January 12, 2012

And on into January.

JR's bike at the get-go. A straight spine is an absolute requirement to build a straight frame on.

And, fast-forward. I already had the tubes all coped so it was a quick process.
Note the head tube & seat tube extensions for a more upright riding position.

Seat stays ready for mitering.

Final alignment check before the seat stay brace goes in, tying the two sides of the stays together.

All brazed up!

......And, during the polishing process. This will put you on the heating pad at the end of the day after a good number of hours at it.

Nearing full polish - done today & off to paint - I have a few projects at paint......

Old Damn Dog closing in on 16yrs & still full of pep, albeit pretty stiff and gimpy.

She has to watch for people and dogs to bark at now, as she can no longer hear them coming.

I got out biking in Sedona again, It's good to be out after around six weeks of the bike due to a blown-out back. I love washes!

Pete Prebus following me through the AZ cypress trees. Always good to get out biking with the old cycling bros and share stories of the old days racing Creampuff, the golden age of mountain bike racing and desert riding.

Sucky, I know.

Perfect trail conditions.

Building lots of wheels!

I take in wheel builds for non-bike buying clients as well, FYI. Let me know if you want to purchase new wheels, I've been doing it for around 25yrs.

Check to make sure your bike clears the overhang when it's in your car's roof rack!

But - a very interesting case in material fatigue and testing - this bike rode the entire Silk Road from Istanbul to Beijing, was ridden hard mountain biking for years, and the brazes held fine when taken to the ultimate limit.

While being a non-warranty repair it will still live again!

Dogs and cats lying together?

Check out this high strength all weather dwelling made completely of composite materials!

Horse hair, grass and stuffing from the dog bed. Comfy!

Thanks all for reading, and the first of many warnings that we will be out of country from Feb. 15th-March 7th. - Steve.


Richardo said...

April 18th @ The Orpheum -- fIREHOSE. Thought you might like to know.

Anonymous said...

Good read Steve, man it makes me jealous of all those people who get to ride your frames! I sure hope they appreciate their legs!
The frame that got whacked by the upper side of the garage opening looked good considering the life it had, I am reading a book a guy wrote about his bike trip before all the troubles in Afghanastan and that area of the world. The bikes take a serious pounding but what an adventure, have a good week
Dave Stewart