Sunday, December 13, 2015

What's up at Coconino Cycles 12/12/15

 Another Dirt Roadster start to finish

 Vent holes, then tacking & brazing

 A nice uni for this build

 Chased, faced, reamed, checked.........

 And polished.

 Lots going on in this area.

 Custom forks are allot of work

 Bent the bender, fixed the bender.

 This build has parts ranging from 1994 to 2015

 And now a MTB & some wheel building


 Starting to look like a proper MTB!


Peter W. Polack said...

Can you explain to me something about bottom bracket shells and frame building?

It looks like the chasing and facing is done after the brazing to account for distortion. Then alignment is checked.

So if the frame is jigged and brazed before the shell is chased and faced, does that mean the frame is misaligned going into the jig because the shell hasn't been faced yet so the reference point can't be trusted, or is it close enough going into the jig to not be a worry?

Or is it common to face the shell both before and after assembly?


steve garro said...

The shell has been turned on a lathe, and I personally set the centerlines of the BB shell to the centerline of the are axle.