Saturday, April 26, 2014

April winding down, into May!

 Matt P's S&S coupled travel bike with Coconino unicrown on it's inaugural trip out in the Coconino National Forest - a damn sweet bike, white is under-rated!

 Very, very versatile - 28 x 1.75" tires.

 Below, the cruiser I am currently working on, also with a unicrown.

 Full blueprint, and raw-cut tubes with Coco-Moto dropouts.

 Fork done.

 In a photo mix-up, here is the coupler bike before paint.

 …..Back to the cruiser, which is now complete and ready for a whole bunch of polishing.

 Why Blogger does this I do not know, but we are back to assembly - life is kind of like that anyway….

 Cruiser Brazing

 Not the easiest braze + Fun Stays

 Yesterday, door open & sun, today snow.

 We went for a great paddle with friends from the Sierras.

 It was AWESOME!

 Globemallows were GOING OFF - the smell was intoxicating.

 Whatcha doing?

 The fleet, and my beautiful wife.



 Glen soaking it in.

 A Brown

 So beautiful - look at the blood red adipose fin and the lilac to gold fade……and the ringed spots…..these fish slay me.

 Up on the peaks before the snow returned!

 Our dog now climbs trees.

Working away bike by bike, thanks for reading!
- Steve.

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Pablo said...

That travel bike makes me want to go places.