Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Working along........

 Matt's Rather Large Bike has went off to Spectrum Powder for custom paint - always awesome.

 Just about everything is oversized, so I had to make it all from scratch.

 Below, special project - more on that later.

 The double top tube cruiser finally went home, the owner was moving, so he had me hold onto it.
 It shall be missed.
 That's some fine detail work.

 Just all around damn nice.
 My sweet little dog!
 We went fishin' for my birthday.
 Outdoors supermodel.
Sand Badger!
Happy Sand badger!
As those of you who read this have or maybe have not noticed, I update it far less frequently.
Facebook has taken over the majority of my interweb pictures & buisness pics, the most hits a blog post has ever got is ~ 1700, and that took four years - an image on FB get that much in 1/2 an hour.......
People say (right to me, actually) that they don't need to come see me - they can read my blog - that's weird, and makes me wonder if I should stop so I see more people?
Odd world we live in for sure...........
Anyway, I'll likely post here agian in the next few a rough list /build queue - it's usually client's lives that cause changes in the queue, and I do my best to roll with it & keep everyone stoked while maintaining a smooth workflow.
Best wishes & thanks for your support & pacience - Steve.


raoul said...

Personally I love the blog.

I bet you have a bunch of people -like me- reading the blog via a rss reader. It's a shame but this way it doesn't show as hits, I think...

Anyway, keep it up if you can!

Anonymous said...

The dog pic is the best! And the cruiser is a beaut!

Japhy rider said...

we'll be in the area in a few weeks and would love to drop by for a visit! you guys going to be around in early-mid June?


Andrew Campbell said...

love the outdoor supermodel, Steve! Say hi to Denise and Osa from us, too!

Andrew, Meg, and the Legion of Doom.