Saturday, March 30, 2013

As busy as can be - Wow, it's April.

 Jim E's 650B MTB came back from paint, due for assembly today - more pics to come.
 Barry W's cruiser also returned, and is good to go other then a head badge - it came out elegant.
Ready for pickup.
 And, Josh's 650B coming right along, being polished today.
 I think this is attempt #2. Getting used to new materials sometimes you have to round file a couple units - part of the job.
 I try everything I can think of to get bikes right - everything.
Still learning every day.
 Cut by eye using a hacksaw & a warding file, about 5min.
Below, sweet fit up!
 Straight & centered.
 All around here as well.
 And faces parallel.
 Wheels fit with gobs of room.
 And on to seat stays.
 Brazed up.
 Shop Monster getting big - up to 16lbs!
 Been very busy getting the farm ready for growing season - looks like it's going to be an awesome fruit year - BUSY.
Still time for some fun, though.
Time to go build some bikes!
- Steve.

Friday, March 08, 2013

And into March with much busyness and change - important details at the end of post.

 Man, sorry for the lack of blog posts - it's just been pretty crazy around here, just keeping the rubber side down and making bikes.
Metal in, bikes out.
Here we have Steve's just stunningly over the top 650B - it came out just perfect.
Amazing color, great parts pic that meshes seamlessly - Phil hubs and BB, White Industries cranks & freewheel, Thomson Elite post & stem and new titanium bars, Fox 100mm fork, King headset, Schwalbe tires, excellent in every way.
 Back view showing subtle top tube curve and s-bend segmented seat stays.
Basically a signature shop build.
 And on to Michael's "Super commuter" - a slick 700c one speed ready for anything.
 White industries gruppo, hubs, cranks, freewheel, Phil BB, Thomson post & stem, a really simple bike for getting to work quickly and in style.
 And, the rootbeer 29er got build and left while the sun was out - DUMPING snow as of today.
 And on to Jim's 650B for Boise, Idaho. Coming right along - sorry for thin picture coverage, the shop
 camera broke during the build.
A full build as well, Hadley hubs, Phil BB (quite the item lately) Middleburn cranks...........
 Just needs stays, and a brazing shot - being polished out right now.

 And sometimes you have to fix the machines to continue - what you see above is what passes for "metal" in Chinese goods - fixed it up tough, that will not happen again (I hope.)
Then onwards to bend seat stays once again.

 We got invited to a big Flagstaff hoo-ha - we CAN wash up fairly nicely.
 I even got out for a ride - I seriously got jacked up falling on the ice maybe a few weeks ago now - it really sucked, I took a very hard fall on the ice, and could not raise my arm or remove my shirt - very, very painful, and distressing as I need them for locomotion and to make a living.
I got an x-ray and they said (much to my surprise)  that I had no tears but very bad bruising and swelling. A big shot of cortisone directly into the shoulder joint provided amazing relief, but I still was at light duty for quite a few days. Sorry, folks for the delays, and be careful out there!

 Beautiful conditions to grovel in!
And, here's the news, which most of you who follow will know already: Prices went up on March 1st to $1,875.00 frame only, fully polished, signature frame.
And...........if I get ten more orders, filling 2014 I WILL CLOSE THE BUILD QUEUE TO CATCH UP and possibly implement shop changes.
 Please, please let me know if you have any questions at all, i think it's a well thought out course of events in an unsure existence, and i just want to get people their bikes in a timely manner without becoming overwhelmed - so far, smooth sailing.
Thank so much everyone who has made this possible, all those  who placed an order in the recent flurry of deposits, and thank you for your patience - Steve.