Wednesday, January 02, 2013

2013 - the future's not what it used to be.

 Denise got her new 650B out for some rides - she LOVES it.

 And, she ran into JT from Boise out on the trail on his Coconino, which he has owned since I think maybe 2003-04'?
 I even got out for a couple rides myself.
Below, it's winter here, and it's freakin' cold - -6*F the other morning. My body does not like it, not at all.
 Here I have done a series of before & after shots of just brazed & de-fluxed, and after being painstakingly polished.
 Tools of the trade, and a macro of the headtube & toptube junction.

 Seattube cluster. Thumb brace for hyper-extended thumb.

 Coco-Moto dropouts, there's a sharp edge on that one......

 BB post brazing, and signature segmented seatstays & web brace.
 Below, my usual polishing/work station, blue padding is to brace your knees on.
 Below, final alignment check & marking braze on placements.
 A six Coconino ride, five gals & Luke.
 Lonnie sent me this pic on the Continental Divide trail outside Silver City, NM.
Fine country, the Gila.
Below, 13'5" of Coconino riders.
 I have gotten around to organising the shop to start off 2013 and started dropping some tubes into the new jig.
 This is a 650B for Steve K of Flagstaff.

 A couple shot from out jeepin' with our friend Connie.
That's it for right now, I have to go do mega-shipping day after everything being closed for so damn long.
thank goodness the election/Thanksgiving/black Friday/cyber Monday/X-mas/New Years mayhem has wrapped up!!!
Look out soon for a post featuring full build queue/new features/FAQ for 2013.
Thanks, everyone!!!!!
- Steve.


Anonymous said...

You forgot the Mayan end of the world hysteria.

Japhy rider said...

Happy New Year Garro!

sorry i/we didn't make it to town over the holidays. too much inertia (at rest... etc) to break away from the extended family.

bikes are looking sweeter than ever.