Friday, November 16, 2012

Keep at it, it will all get done, poco a poco.......Wrapping up Jason's frame.

 Here we go - checking the first sub assembly for perfect straightness - the seat tube/bottom bracket shell.
 Ready to move forward - sleeve silver brazed on, all vent holes drilled, seat binder slot and pucker hole in place, water bottle holes drilled.
 A detail of raw silver brazing.
 Oh, the dance of the many factors of alignment.......
 Well, looks like we have chainstays now. Better check that again.
 Tire clears, disc too. Both good things.
 Back in the jig & onwards to seat stays.
 Both segments joined and checking to assure the bends are symmetrical.
 Fixtured for simultaneous mitering.
 One there, ready for a check on the table & then the seat stay brace.
 Messy looking but only a few minutes for cleanup, actually.
 All brazed & ready for polishing. Frozen dog bowl puck at the bottom.
 I have a big thumb! That's a 1.25" sleeve.
 Stack' O 'dimes.
 Big Bike is back & needs prep.
650B wheels, WTB rims + Hope hubs.
Crazy busy over here, thanks all! - Steve.

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