Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Sally Girl - best black dog ever.

 16+ years on planet earth, every state in the west many times, four trips to Mexico and loved by thousands.
Most will never be so lucky, Man nor Beast.
We love you and miss you and still feel you and I thought I saw you all day.
Speed on, black dog.

Friday, September 21, 2012

Some days you are the hammer, some you are the nail.

 Well, allot of misery around here - we lost good old Sally Dog after a 16+ year run.
Pretty low spirits around here, and then I got the flu.
Back at it as soon as possible...........
 Bill's bike just before it went to paint......
 Some un-filed brazing on the same.
 Busted out a fork for an 8-year old Coconino in NZ.....

And, got the new Coco-Motos in.
That's all I got now both content and energy wise, everyone - thanks for your patience....
- Steve.

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

A quick post on upcoming builds - please note if you have a bike on order

Here is a list of up & coming builds - If you have a bike on order, and see your name on the list either drop me a line or you will be hearing from me before long.
Thanks, everyone - any questions drop me a line.
- Steve.
 Here we go: Bill: almost done. Eric P: tubing ships the 13th - when it shows, off we go. Eiji: fork is shipped. Jason C, John L, Barry W, Steve K, Michael L, Jonah M, Tim H, Jim E, Matthew F, Rhino, Taylor McK, Barin B, Kyle O, Bryce B, Lynda A, Mark S, K-Bar, David M, Karl. 
That's a good start.

Sunday, September 09, 2012

What's up at Coconino World HQ, Early Sept. 2012

 Boy, lots going on - thanks to all of you who hang in there and read the blog - thanks!
 Here is Dave's black one speed 29er, and boy is it a sweet ass light rig - simple and efficient.
 Fox-Thomson-Stan's-White Industries-XT-King-Andrews-DKG-Avid.
 Below, Bob came over from Nuevo Mexico to help build and pick up his bike - very, very nice.
A "standard" 29er gear bike.
 Above, bending the seatstays that ended up on Bob's bike.
 All tacked up.
 Brazed, still hot.
 I took my time even more then usual as I wanted to see just how straight a frame I could make - here are the final results expressed not in decimal points or fractions but visually.
Above, the seat tube is high about 1/2 the thickness of the interior seat tube, which is .6mm thick.
 Even less is the head tube, it's high just to the point that the gauge will not slide over the tube - very, very little.
 The dot is the center of the axle - just barely low.
So - what did I do the rectify these discrepancies? Yank really hard once on the non-drive chainstay, and call it good. That frame is really good to go.
 Bob's all polished out above, and the same below but with braze ons added.
 The absolute get-go on Bill's frame.
 Above, tubing selected and cut to raw length.
 And here with the vent holes all bored in the main junctions as well as the seat tube sleeve brazed on and everything ready for mitering the tubing.
 Seat tube sleeve as-brazed.
 .........And, check out for nuts-on straightness to build upon.
 Front triangle all tacked and checked - nice.
 Checking the dropout faces. Just fine.
 .....As well as the center.
 Tire check - Panaracer 2.35" slammed forward.
 Ready for seatstays, that's today.
 As you can see, it's been mighty busy around here, but we got out for three days of kayaking - it was ideal.
Feral horses down from the Rez to enjoy the bounties of the Rio.
 Camp = nap time.
 Nice fish! Grab it!
 Above, Datura blooming, don't touch..........
Below, a primrose a good 4' tall.

 Making a trout taco for breakfast.
 That's a DAMN nice trout. One of the best I've caught this year.
 D. Too! That was a nice one, sent back to the depths.
 We'll be back.
 Gap, Arizona.
 Lobster mushrooms from the forest.
 Personal project, a riveting hammer found in the woods - I'm going to make it like new.
Pics to come.
A tally of butted tubing in stock............
More in a few days with a build queue list as well - thanks all, off to work, Steve.