Monday, August 20, 2012

Bob's bike/really nice monsoon season.

 Bob's bike at the get-go. A full build, as have been most lately, and as such very busy not only building the frames but also lacing all the wheels and sourcing all the eclectic parts choices.
 Front triangle all tacked up for an alignment check. A-OK = onwards to the rear.....the hard part.
Below, as-brazed chainstay spear - there's over 2/3rds of a 32" rod of 1/16th" brass in that end.
 Above, becoming bike-like.
I had to both flatten and dimple the chainstays for the Sram XO cranks to fit a 2.35" Panaracer Rampage for mud clearance and chainsuck prevention, which you do not have to do with an XT - FYI, fellow framebuilders.
 Above - allot of alignment checks going on in this picture.
 Pretty simple concept shown above, looking to see that the dropout faces are parallel - check out the chainstays - I offset them towards the bottom of the bottom bracket to improve front derailleur clearance and reduce chain slap. Below, component look over.
 Sally is still alive!
She is 16+ but is still happy, really gimpy and F'ed up, but happy. Sadly, I think she will not be with us much longer, she has pretty much defined what you can get out of a dog - four times to Mexico alone as well as all over the Western USA and thousands upon thousands of miles of trails.
 Out for a grovel in the beautiful moist monsoon forest. A really good ride.
 Christie & Owen.
 Cameron - random Coconino sighting.
 You bet it's going to rain. Hell yeah.
 BAD mushroom - very beautiful, however. Amanita Muscaria - "Fly Agaric" Don't eat, don't touch.
 What a perfect trail looks like to me.
 There were constellations of white Richardson's Geraniums.

 And even some Columbines making a late season rally.
 Forest bounty.
And on the way home. Super busy, thanks for EVERYONE who replied to the last blog post, much thanks - Steve.


Japhy rider said...

great post, Steve. it looks awesome around the peaks this summer. days have been smoky here in Reno and Tahoe for weeks now, lots of stuff on fire west and north of us.

Craig said...

Keep blogging, Steve! I don't catch every post, but I really enjoy your blogging. I'm an amateur fillet brazing framebuilder, and you are an inspiration to me. Plus, I love your photos of Flagstaff and surrounding environs. Gotta make it there someday. I'm on the Front Range of Colorado. Keep up the great work!

J_K said...

Keep blogging, Steve.
I find your posts very informative and inspiring!
What chain stays you're using on Bob's frame, Dedas? I'm pretty happy that you posted pic of brazed dropout as I'll use same dropouts on my frame build and I have been wondering if I should weld them or braze them. Is that 2/3rds of a 32" rod used per joint or all four stay joints?

steve garro said...

Yep - PER TIP.

Brad said...

Keep the blog Steve! I read in San Diego. Photos of your craft and the sights of Flagstaff are an inspiration to me!


Bill Showers said...

Hey Steve... Keep up with the blog if you've got the time to do so. Like myself, I suspect that a lot of folks very much enjoy reading but rarely - if ever - comment.

I like your blog over a lot of others because it's three dimensional. You keep things interesting by mixing it all up rather than the one dimensional blogs that just keep talking about the shop or the bikes, or the tools, or the food, or the nature, or whatever else it is.