Thursday, March 25, 2010

Tom's bike chugging right along, a quick overnighter to go trout fishing.

i use CAD - "coffee aided design" - Tom does graphic design, so figured he would dig this.
all good to go - life size 100% accurate blueprint. as of a few frames ago everyone gets their plans with the frame - i have 100's now & they are taking up space. I'm going to figure out a scheme whereas previous clients can get theirs + a goodie - more soon.

Let's do morning fabrication!

Front triangle mitered on the mill + seat tube assembly almost done and checked for perfect straightness on the alignment table. good to start straight.

BLO stage - "bicycle like object!" gives you a very good idea as to the final design. as i only draw the front triangle & build the stays in their respective fixtures i never really know exactly what a bike will look like until this stage, either. it's built around the person's body, so there is no "size" per se.

Yay, Lee's Ferry! we went up for a quick overnighter to get out of the snow & see some colors other then white & blue. it was very nice and only two hours from our house, an easy field trip away. here where Denise is standing you can see a cable, right? downriver is the Grand Canyon Natl' Park, and upriver is Glen Canyon recreation area - where we go in the kayaks - when we rowed the canyon back in Nov. we went downstream from here.

lap full of trout. laptrout?

That will about do for a fine lunch. We keep very few trout, leaving more for later. we only keep as many as we can eat right away. the trout here have to fight against the huge flow of water so they are strong & lean, not like the fat, fat, lazy lake dwellers we catch in the summer - I'll fill my freezer with those! all the trout at the ferry are born in the river & struggle against it all their lives.

that's some cold, clear water, Yo. I fell in it, i know............

Denise says "Hi".

Here is a colorful guy destined for lunch.

a really quick shot of a gorgeous little speckled guy before he was released to speed for the deeps.

a morning shot from our deee-luxe suite {the back of the Chevy}

there is tiny little me in my little yellow boat.

That's it for now, y'all. enjoy the pics! I'll be back in a few days with more to report - Garro.


Anonymous said...

Super Steve. Glad to see the both of you got out and about! Joe K.

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