Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Joey's bike outta here / Tom's off to paint / Sam is up next.

Stoked guy! man, Joey's 29er came out really well. *love* the color, too. we actually got it just one brake cable short of completed but he snuck away without me getting a built shot - get me a maiden ride shot, huh? it was a beautiful, sleek bike.
what would you call this color?

I knocked out some fine brazing on Tom's bike. it too snuck out without me getting shots of it all polished {i have inlaws here & it's kinda mayhem-ish} but i will get some good ones when it returns from paint.

...........not that it really NEEDED to be polished........

right out of the dunktank, still dripping.

component mock-up.
AZ ride relic - that was a hard one!

I had a Chip Thomas drive-by-smiling! I'm always stoked to see Chip. he has more style is his pinkie then I own total. He is scoping out the shop for an art installation.

Next: Sam's 650B. I'm off to Sedona with the inlaws to for a few days, I'll be back in the shop on Saturday the 3rd of April. - that's all for now - thanks much for reading, folks! - Garro.


nierman said...

Robin egg blue - fitting for Springtime!

rider said...

I remember that A-Z ride and it was tough! I think only 4 or 5 of us made it til the bitter end..stopping only cause it was getting dark :) oh and we were beat!

Darren's Rides said...

I like Chip's shoes and Chip also looks like that guy on Yo Gaba Gaba.

Slater said...

Best shoes evar.