Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Joey's bike done, spring here?

gotta clean up a little shipment from Mr. Pacenti & then do the second thorough alignment check on Joey's frame.
well there you go right there. explains it all.........

checking the clearances before moving on to the seat stays.

all fab'ed up & ready for mitering. i've got my seatstay method down enough now that it goes smoothly & stress free for the most part. these were a nice challenge as they were so short & needed to clear a fair sized 29er tire.

still hot pic.

i'm glad my chops held during my vacation.

straight out of the dunktank after de-fluxing. damn, bikes are coming out really, really straight. within a small fraction of a millimeter on all given planes. sweet.
final alignment check. a mighty fine frame, i'm quite proud of it especially as it is as small as i will make a 29er {30.25" inseam, rigid 425 axle-to-crown fork} and it still has great aesthetics.

done, done, done in the sun!

Wesley came over the other day to help out around the shop. thanks, Wes!

i HAD to do some work on the one-off, which I intend to go & see if i remember how to ride in Sedona tomorrow. this is the bottom of one of my pieces of knee armor - my 2nd set in 4-ish years.
quite the piece of work. I do love this thing!

first open door day in the shop for 2010! also, the first day over 60*F since Nov. 11th. i'm digging it.

that's all for now - going biking tomorrow, Joey's frame will go to paint, starting Tom's frame on Fri, then going paddling for the weekend and then back at metalwork. thanks for reading! - Steve.


Anonymous said...


You guys still have a crap load of snow.

Darren's Rides said...

that's a really big tool or wes is really small. I also like the bike part that looks like a vertebrae