Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Baja 2010 - it's a wrap. damn, it was awesome in every way.

this, my friends, was very hard to endure for almost two weeks.
sounds good to me!!

up before the sun = best paddling.

Cardon cactus. they get bigger then this by a bunch.

new lesson: do not attempt to land an octopus by grabbing it by the head. it will wrap around you and your boat, squirt water and ink at you and then try to bite your fingers off. i tried it twice. Denise said: "No More Octopus."

i coulda stayed a month. i didn't even loose a single lure.

Jerry & Roabie were awesome to travel with and had a blast as well.

mandatory Denise self portrait.

Bad Deal #2: absolutely deadly stone fish. kill you dead, no shit. i got my damn lure back though, you betcha!

man, i cannot convey how soothing this is in person.

how 'bout them crazy dinosaurs?

that's us down there, happy little dots in a great big ocean.

another day dawns over Gonzaga Bay.

cleaning a nice sized Cortez Halibut - Delicious! interesting to clean as they are flat the wrong way & the spine runs flat. it will bite the hell out of you, too. man, my Creighton fillet knife kicks ass.

the usually martian landscape was rife with flowers. a desert lupine here.

outstanding landscape was all around.
bad roads lead to good times.

good smells & little buddies.
almost there!

we got blocked in at Alfonsina's.

Tranquillo y Bonito. let's go fishin'!

Finescale Triggerfish. the toughest fish i have ever seen. you need to sharpen your knife in between each one. great ceviche! it will also bite off your pinkie with no hesitation in a snap or spine you with the trigger in a flash. hit them HARD with a hammer before you try to clean one or else. i got a good infection on my middle finger from one of these bad boys. Mexican Barracuda and Lizard fish were even more despicable. un-keepable and they want to slime you *and* bite you too. glad i have a good knife. damn fine blade, Wade - Damn fine.

Brunch on the way!!!! left to right: Finescale Trigger, Cabrilla, Green Jack & a nice Sierra. a good blade, a good stone & a diamond steel all a must.
Jerry & I having a fillet-off.

Ceviche & Corona Familiar. a fine breakfast!

a Cortez Halibut going back into the deeps.

Jerry & I just slayed Corvina & Cabrilla one evening! corvina is like a trout with fangs.

Sand Verbena.

Sand Lily - Gorgeous!

the Ocotillos were fat, green & blooming.

out beautiful fleet. 250,000+ miles on each of them. camo in Baja, too.

Okie landing.

well, it's a wrap. enjoy the pics. back to work tomorrow on bikes: Justin's is at paint, Joey's is on the slate & then Thom C., Sam B., Jay L., Mark H., Jessee G., Taylor McK., and Marzoff. get ahold of me & i'll do the same, all. - Steve.


mike said...

Three words:
Beautiful, beautiful,beautiful.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Wow, sweet pics. Seems like the fish down there are much like the plants in the desert. Joe H.

Japhy rider said...

looks like a really vacation man. thanks for sharing!

Pablo said...

So do you prefer topes in your roads or desert macadam? I guess in Mexico you can have both.

Jon said...

Thanks. That was all unbelievable.

devin said...


Sabrosa Cycles said...

oh man. absolutely gorgeous. dig the blade too. nice work wade.

Smilin-buddha said...

Looks like a great way to spend some time.

Mimbres Man said...

F'n A Steve! I am moving back to the USA, buying me a new LongHaul and going to Lee's Ferry and Baja with you! You and Denise ROCK! Big time!
btw...Baja is killer! Love the pelicans!

Jess said...

So cool! Thanks for posting the pics.

Walt said...

Yo Steve -

Great post! Sounds like a kickass trip!

I just found some halibut steaks in the freezer from last year - you gonna post up some of your fish recipes for us?