Saturday, July 11, 2009

Nate's bike, Aki's bike, Dave's bike and Jeff's plans...........

Nate's bike came back from Spectrum & looks as seamless as always - a deep sparkly eggplant. some 650B lovin' waiting to hit the trails!
i'm really stoked for him to return and build it up, i'll get some pics of it up as soon as we got it all assembled.

Aki's bike finally all prepped. i *think* all i need for it is the Phil BB & to lace the wheels. which front do you wanna run? the snow rim or the 29er? i would think the 29er would be fun in Flagstaff, but the snow rim is alluring.........

it's certainly orange!

Dave's bike ready for paint - finally.

she's mighty purty, though!

Coconino cocktail, anyone? mmmmmmm...............

still hot H2O bosses - the flux hasn't even crinkled & fractured yet.

Jeff's frame all drawn up. looking good! i ended up stretching the effective toptube to an even 24" - the front end was looking pretty tight with the 72* HT angle. it's still tight, but looking all right! thanks for the SWEET drafting set, CW!! *very* nice............... Steve.

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sminch said...

Steve, That orange is sweet. Is that powder? If so, what's the RAL. I gotta try that one. Nice work, as always. So, tell me, how are you bending those top tubes? Thanks, Wil