Thursday, July 09, 2009

MW's bike in the field, brazing pics for Dave, new tools to make bikes faster.

MW sent me a great pick of his rig in the field on a trip to Flagstaff where it was built. he said it felt right at home. shore is a looker!!
i've been slacking on posting pics for Dave - sorry, man! i'm gonna wrap up your frame today & get it to powder ASAP.

it's nice to nail the parts that are hard to get too........and, every time you speed up a process you have given yourself a raise in pay. this.......i just hit the "U" bevel & it's good to go.

i just got this fork crown race cutter from Joe Bringheli from well, Bringheli. all of his products i own from my alignment equipment to tooling are all top notch, and his tubing orders {he distributes Dedacciai, Columbus & Walter lugs} are always complete and accurate.

lastly, good-buddy Wade made me this replacement cradle so i can use the same dummy axles from my Anvil mitering fixtures on my Henry James Access 65. this is sooooooo sweet!

that's it for now, ya'll. i have Aki's bike back from paint, it is very orange, and i'll post pics when i get it stickered & badged. Jeff P, i'm all sussed up on your measurements & i'll get on your bike pro bally tomorrow, Kyle, i need to do a final talk with you to finalise everything. talk to you all soon, Steve.


Japhy rider said...

WOW, i like the blue and white bike!

Reedster said...

No doubt, that's very pretty and smooth looking.

creighton said...

you sure have some cool pals YO!!!