Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Back from Wisconsin - a fine time was had!

it's nice to be back, but a fun time was had by all at the family reunion of Denise's siblings and their families at her mom's house in Trempeleau, Wisconsin on the banks of the mighty Mississippi river. here's a generic view of what we did everything on every day - the river.
Denise's bro Jim {O.M.} som Brian and Marianne, Denise's Mom while we were canoeing/kayaking the Trempeleau River.

why doesn't Arizona have bars with docks????

nice Bluegill!! i musta caught a few scores of them. they are mighty tasty fried up crispy in beer batter.......

panfishing with Denise's sis Nicole. Nicole is always good luck when fishing!

yours truly pontificating upon the finer points of catfishing.........

no keeper Walleyes, sadly, but here's one for show before it went back to grow.

Denise & sis-in-law Steph fishing in our sweet mark 2 we shipped to ourselves via fedex. if you look close there is a BIG snake on the branch behind Steph - no kidding. i am not sure if we informed her of this at the time...........

Denise & bro-in-law Greg at the end of a really great day on the water.

the view from the porch - pretty sucky, huh?

Denise with a nice Largemouth Bass - still, not a keeper. Bass & Walleyes had to be over 15" to bag!

family paddle excursion.

Joey & Joe with a great Northern Pike from the kayak.

looks like Joe hedged Jim in the daily Pike derby..........biggest for the trip was 34".

sis Michelle doing the work while hubby Greg slacks hard.

Maddie dug kayaking..........

now THAT is a SWEET smallmouth bass!! Joe knows his fishing, he used to charter a boat professionally on Lake Michigan.

Marianne at a good old Wisconsin fish fry. that's good livin', folks.

stoked cousins!

Jimbo gettin' his fry on!

sunset on the Mississippi. man, it sure went fast. can't wait until next time. what a great family powwow. we sure made some great memories, ya'll. thanks for having us. today, back to work on Dave's bike, which ironically is going to Wisconsin! later, Steve.


Kristina said...

Welcome back Garro's, hope to see ya soon.

Anonymous said...

Yes, welcome home, we missed you!

It's nice to see you taking a break now and then, Steve-o.

Preskit Matt

Mimbres Man said...

Looks like a great trip! Bluegill are good eats!

devin said...

Way too much fun... So glad that we were able to get the family's together... Thanks for the Good Time..

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing the pictures Steve and Denise! We sure had a nice time. It is suppose to rain tomorrow, so I'll be sure to get our pictures up on the blog - take a break from construction...... Steph says hi. Joe

Andrew Campbell said...

Nice pictures, Steve! Nice to see you survived another Kinscher reunion, too.


Gnome said...

Yo Steve,

just wanted to mention that AZ does indeed have bars with docks in Parker, AZ.

I know, I know. not what you were thinking of....

planteo said...

totally awesome!!