Sunday, July 27, 2008

tired after a great weekend.

the play window closing............i don't mind rain, but i don't like lightning - two golfers were struck in flag a few days ago.
lush greenness!
on the lake, 6am.
a native sonoran sucker. pretty fish! it went back to continue cleaning the lake.
a beautiful penstemon, etonii, maybe?
a nice bouquet - lupine, paintbrush and native grasses.
nice, huh?

has a really great couple of days off! went fishing with barry on friday and handcycling with denise and the dogs on Saturday. the forest just is soooo beautiful right now with the epic monsoon season we are having. we got an early start fishing - i got up and made coffee at 3:45am - and had ten trout in the boat by 2:00pm when the dark clouds rolled in and the thunder started to roll, starting a true soaker of a rainstorm that lasted well into the night. i got up as early as i could on Saturday {only about 8am} and we hit the trail. with all the tropical storms in both the atlantic and the pacific we knew there was about a 100% chance of it raining and it did, but we were back at the car only slightly wet. i really cranked it up climb three and today my shoulders are sore and pop-y. boy, climb three has some killer flowers right now! there are whole fields of locoweed down low and entire meadows of lupine bushes higher up. with the clouds congealing and thunder rumbling in the distance i pointed it down sunset and RIPPED IT. man, it was one of the wildest downhills i've sent, ever. i was three wheel drifting it so close to the ground that my right front wheel buzzed my forearm at one point, almost sucking it into the space in between my barend and the tire. the bottom part of sunset trail is so green it's almost overwhelming! get out there and see it! later, off to finish john's bike and dive into george's, steve.


the original big ring said...

beauty pics!

mimbres man said...

Hey Steve! In the USA! We got those suckers in the Gila as well...probably the same species, but then, I am not even an amateur ichthyologist.
Lots of rain over here in New Mexico too! Water everywhere! Everything is super green!