Sunday, July 20, 2008

some beautiful days off during monsoon season!

crawling up orion springs - cleaned the whole thing!
golden columbine.
blue flax.
mystery plant - ted? mar?
flagstaff penstemon.

fremont peak - 11,969 ft.
the view upwards from weatherford meadow.
can you have too many pics of sego lilies? enjoy them while you can. we have years go by when you won't see even one.
climbing through the aspens.
nature's bouquet - paintbrush, locoweed and fire cracker penstemon.

it's been raining on and off almost every day here in flagstaff lately, our yearly monsoon season. wet air circulates up from the baja california region and when the wet warm air hits the southwest it rains with thunder and lightning and the temps are in the mid sixties and the low eighties - just perfect. i just took a few days off and went fishing with barry on friday but forgot i even brought my camera as the only pic i got was of chuck, and none of the nice trout we caught {14}, the arizona kingsnake barry found, or the osprey grabbing a trout off the surface..........oh well, words will have to suffice, OR, get out and check it out yourself! Saturday i got out on the trails with denise and the dogs. it's really great to be out in the woods with denise again, she's doing much better. the flowers just keep getting better with the rains, one of the best years i've seen in my thirty two years around here. i rode from the bottom of rusty pipe trail up orion to old weatherford road and up to weatherford meadow, down weatherford trail and back to the car - i was wiped out! more bike building stuff tomorrow.................. steve.


Cyclebound said...

Hey Steve, I looked in my handy audubon book and the closest match for the mystery plant I could find was the yellow trumpetbush. Maybe, maybe not. I don't know plants at all but I'm a learning. There is a short article in Bike mag. this month about a guy named Keegan Reilly, handcycling and his One Off. Take it easy.

creighton said...

love your eye for things that grow man!! AND that you make the time to enjoy the magnificence!

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