Thursday, July 24, 2008

a nice evening ride to see the flowers.

diggin' on the flora.
i belive this would be called a galaxy of columbines!
penstemon barbatus
mystery flower - any clues?
monarda - wild oregano
a loco weed close-up. what a cool color!
ripping scultz!
pinedropseed - a saprophyte. no photosynthesis, it breaks down rotting material for energy.
scarlet gilia.
any clues on this one?

went for a nice quick evening ride up dogfood and down schultz creek a couple of nights ago just to see the flowers, and they were sweet! i was really tired but pried my ass out of the chair and went anyway and i was super glad i did. hope you enjoy the pics! steve.


Anonymous said...

Beautiful pics, as always, Steve!

My wife and I will be up there in 3 weeks, staying in a little KOA Kabin for a few days. Bringing the tandem...we'll swing by and get some trail tips from ya. (I've never ridden Flag...!)

Keep on keepin' on.

Preskit Matt

steve garro said...

i'll be lookin' for ya! steve.

JohnCoe said...

that little yellow flower was a new one to me too, steve. saw some along red onion the other morning. i took a picture of it and submitted it to the 'ID Please' group on so far, no one's id'd for me... i'll drop you a note if I get any hits on it.

johncoe said...

hey steve,

took awhile to figure it out... but, the little yellow flower (last image your post) is called MANYFLOWER PUCCOON.

hope you're well!