Wednesday, July 16, 2008

mid-july update........

sam's bike all good to go. RIP - rust in peace! better get some gravy on that baby.
checing alignment on the front triangle{s} of john's cruiser.
sweet spearpoint ends on the chainstays. hacksaw, files, a sharp eye and practice, yo! stainless steel slider dropouts from paragon machine works.
starting to look like a bike!
george's tubing selection, soon to be a bike.

here's where the current builds are...........sam's frame and fork are waiting on some custom handlebars from groovy cycles to arrive and the whole shebang is getting packed up and sent off to spectrum powderworks for some custom paint lovin'. john's cruiser is moving right along, i was going to get the seatstays on it and braze it up today but i'm just not feeling it, i'm having some crazy foot spasms and having a hard time getting very far away from the bathroom.........too much delicious homemade roasted garlic/red pepper hummus...........ugh. it sure is good. george's bike is mostly designed, i have to tweak the blueprint a little bit and it's good to go. i try to design the bike ahead of time so i can get all the tubing and tidbits together. i'm really stoked on this build, it's going to be a fully rigid light 29er with sliders and v-brakes, and i'll be outfitting it with an all-out sweet build kit. more later when i feel better.......... steve.


creighton said...

When the funds avail I would like a Garro in that exact color.. Roasted garlic/red pepper hummus. That is.. when it was new.. not 'used'

Thanks for the flowers!

Yer Pal, CW

steve garro said...

sure - here's the recipie: take a whole bulb of garlic and brown the cloves in 2T of olive oil along with 2 diced red peppers. when done, blend with 2 drained and rinsed cans of garbanzo beans and the juice of 2 limes. add enough water to blend to a thick consistency. you may have to stir and blend. add salt to taste. watch out! steve.