Wednesday, July 09, 2008

matt's bike, sam's bike.

matt's new bike all up and running. looks like i'll be making him another one this winter!
sam's burly 29er all brazed up. man, stuff rusts fast during monsoon season.
smooth even beads = proper heat control.
not much to do there! sweet!

just a quick work update.........i did get a quick ride in yesterday up weinie walk and down sunset with dan burglund, it was sweet! back to work, steve.


Winter Bicycles said...

Big ol' SS on that 29er! Makes the CS tips look wee. Sweet as always Steve.


Naugas said...

That's some nice brazing! As all the bikes are in whole, too. Matt's bike above have such a balance in the lines, it's beautiful.

I don't know if you read these comments, but I'm curious about the chainstay bridge - do you really think it's necessary to have one? I would think it's strong and stiff enough without it, and less dirt would be trapped there also?

All the best, Johan

steve garro said...

yep, i read all of em'. i consider the CS bridge integral to my alignment process. the bridges are pretty small, and i try to build in lots of room around the tire. the little bridge is really tucked in there. thanks for reading! steve.