Monday, July 21, 2008

john's bike, george's bike.

looking good!
a pile of metal destined to be a 29er 1-speed.

just a quick post. i FINALLY got john's cruiser frame brazed up. whew. now i just have a couple days of worn out fingers polishing fillets and it will be done. i'll update with some better pics when i get some of the brass nice and shiny. next, while john's bike is still de-fluxing in the dunk tank i got george's tubes all shiny and cut to raw lengths, and drilled all the vent holes and got the seat tube sleeve brazed onto the seat tube. i'm keeping track of the hours involved in this build to see how much i roughly make per hour. i hope it's not too depressing! lastly, a shot from last night - trout tacos! steve.

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Trout tacos.....mmmmmmmmm.....