Monday, July 28, 2008

george's bike coming along, john's bike done.

george's bike getting all jigged up.
john's bike dripdrying after the final soak to remove all the flux from the braze ons and the seatstay brace.
everyone like a rear end with some curves to it!

just a quick progress post. yesterday i did final alignment on john's bike and got george's front triangle all tacked up. looking good! i'll tell you what - this cruiser is DAMN straight! some bikes need constant slight adjustments to gradually build them into proper straightness but this one just came together sweetly. also, i really dig the curves on the seatstays, aesthetically they really work for me, mimicking the curves of the chainstays really well. you have to get the slider dropouts just right as far as matching each other so they slide properly in tandem and cuz' they are super beefy........... more later, today is office day so it's back to work on frames tomorrow. ciao, steve.

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