Saturday, July 05, 2008

current builds' status

mmmmmm........... root beer.
smoooooth hand polished goodness! i love the fillet transition from the toptube into the seatstays.
sam's frame. a custom mix of truetemper, reynolds, dedacciai , paragon and 4130.
hand-bent seatstays ready for coping and fitting in my swank anvil fixture.
j. reddan's double toptube cruiser all layed out on it's blueprint drawn by yours truly.

here's what's going on in the shop. got matt's bike ready to ride. ted's bike is at paint. sam's bike is in the jig, and i'm gonna get the seatstays tacked on it tomorrow and MAYBE brazed up. i didn't feel like i had my ducks in a row enough this morning to have a go at seatstays so i started on j. reddan's cruiser. it's all designed and i started it today by getting all the tubing cut to raw lengths, cutting and facing the headtube, coping the seattube sleeve and drilling ventholes in both of those and the bottom bracket shell as well. after john's cruiser i have g. deckey's 29er up along with a killer build kit and i. voronec's bike and then kerry thurgood's 29er, and then m. villanueva's 29er. thanks for reading, steve.


Vito said...

Stumbled across your blog by accident. Love it, also love the bikes. True masterpieces.
Would love to have one someday :)

Sam Correa said...

I am really liking the angles on that straight TT. that is going to be sick .............................for me to ride on. Loving the rootbeer in the sun.

Andrew Campbell said...

Steve: saw that pic before I read your own comments... root beer is a sweet color and yes, that transition from seat stays to top tube to seat tube is gorgeous. nice pics, too.


Anonymous said...

Man...the TT SS transition is just...damn killer.

Thanks for posting that pic.


Anonymous said...

Glad I got one of the first rootbeer or Guinness colored bikes from you. Still giving her plenty of singletrack love.


ps. I miss martans.