Saturday, July 05, 2008

handcycling with friends. thanks, guys!

check this thing out - it's a coral root, an orchid! it's symbiotic with a fungus and absorbs duff off the forest floor. i'm not sure if it uses photosynthesis, and i think it's may be parasitic.
nice closeup of a flowering pondorosa pine.
tight spot!
annie, eric, and some of the dogs. we had four folks and five dogs. thanks to christina for all the pics!
wierd angle, but it shows what's happening.
sally, happy & posing as usual along with lupines, one of the best lupine crops in years!

dog's/steve's eye view.
thanks to christina, annie & eric for taking me out for spotting me on a ride the other day. i could go out riding by myself, but i'm not comfy doing technical exposed trails by myself, AND i used to mountain bike with all these guys all the time, something i dearly's lonely being the only one who does your sport where you live. i rode up climb three and down upper brookbank and down lower wienie walk. trail conditions were perfect - moist and tacky and green and lush. we beat the rain, and all the critters had fun. saw a grouse, and lots of flowers. i felt pretty strong for as little as i've been out, but BOY, was i sore the next day. i am fat and out of shape! steve.


Jeff said...

Looks like you're about to whack your knees as you roll over that boulder! Do you ever get high-centered on that thing? I'm always amazed to see you flying over stuff I would gingerly roll down on my 26-er.

steve garro said...

actually, i rolled that one smooth! but yes, the armor does get used allot. you can get high centered - i avoid log ramps unless they are really gradual. i'm on my 2nd set of armor, i've broken the frame once which was re-inforced no problem, busted off braze ons, which i fixed myself, and if you see it in person, it looks pretty beat up......... steve.

planteo said...

red=no chlorophyll=no photosynthesis=yes a parasite!
I apologize for using the word chlorophyll....but it's my job.

keep on rockin in the plant world!