Tuesday, July 15, 2008

as per request: more flowers!

the lupins are GOING OFF on the mountain! whole meadows are green and purple.
hummingbird's eye view of a flagstaff penstemon
he ain't no flower, but we saw matt out on his new coconino 29'er.
penstemmon barbatus - firecracker penstemon.
groveling in beauty!
i thought this looked really cool. a couple big mature ponderosa pines in an aspen stand. up really close they smell like vanilla.
a sego lily. gorgeous! years will go by when we don't see them as it's too dry.
art by nature. no two the same...........
petty nice conditions!
the "kid trail." ask a local............it's sweet.

the prettiest flower of all!
indian paintbrush.
an albino lupine next to a normal one.

been getting hit up by several friends locally: where's the botany posts? well, suckily, i just haven't been biking as much as i like to as my main spotter - denise - has been out for five weeks with her cracked tibia. she did today's ride with crutches just to help take pressure off her leg, and said it felt pretty OK. all i managed to pull off was weatherford trail/kid trail before the heavy rain and lightning hit, and we hit the trail by 8AM. but, it was really nice to get out on the tacky dirt. i got down the kid trail remarkably smoothly! enjoy, steve.


Cyclebound said...

Hey Steve, good seeing you today. Thanks to Denise and you for the trail info. I hit it exactly where you said it was and wound up on Freidlein Praire Rd. backtracked a bit and then wound up at the top of pipeline and then got spit out right at the Schultz Pass sign which I guess is the new connector to Secret? That trail is sweet I can see why it is Denise's fav.


Anonymous said...

Hey Steve saw you guys heading out 180 this morning as I was rolling in from an early AM ride. Funny I was thinking about you as I ascended climb 3,wondering if you'd been out in the flowery nirvana lately. Glad to see you made it! Cheers Keri

Anonymous said...

lovely pictures!

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