Tuesday, November 20, 2007

today was bike day!

bike stuff of all sorts today.....got lee's bike back from paint, i still have to headbadge and chase'n'face the whole she-bang, and i don't think it's gonna take stickers, as the paint isn't smooth but had a slight texture. it's for touring, so it's gonna look just fine with a coat of dirt. it's called "lava". also, got jim's bike together. he's gonna be stoked! he's looking for maximum comfort, and i think this rig is gonna deliver, the geometry puts his head in a very relaxed position and it's based on a long, stable touring geometry. boy, i gotta say, the 2008 xt gruppo shifts great. built the wheels and everything on this rig but the paint. the green really lights up in the sun with a gorgeous gold undertone and sparkle. and, got denise's 650b brazed up. it's gonna be sweet, the lugged pacenti crown fork is going on it. see you all soon, i gotta make salsa and take a shower! steve.


lee said...

DUDE!!! That is so exactly the color I was trying to describe!! Can I say YIPPEE!! Lava? I still call it hot rod primer red...I gotta say I am sure stoked to get some dirt on it.

What can you do about the sticker situation? I need something to tell the world it's a Coconino.

Cheers amigo

Anonymous said...

Steve, nice stuff, as always!

Question? Disc brake on the Pacenti fork? Interested how it's gonna mount....can you elaborate on your Blog? Guess I could wait a coupla weeks 'til I come up and see you, but this has piqued my curiosity!

Preskit Matt

Anonymous said...

nope, no disc mounts. and, sorry, but there is no way that stickers are staying on that texture! hate to say i told you so.....it will still have a coconino headbadge! steve.

lee said...

aw shucks....i guess i will have to get creative with some duct tape and a black sharpie.

mark mcd says ok to mail it to his work.