Wednesday, November 07, 2007

tasty dishes from coconino cycles.

more bike stuff going's lee's bike at my favorite stage, all polished up and pre-braze ons. that's as shiny as they get around here! and, a couple close-ups of a seat tube junction, and some sexy stays. the straight tubular seat and chainstay braces are for fender mounts, instead of the usual web braces. and, chris's "mantis" 29er straight outta the box, not even stickered, faced, chased or headbadged. lastly, some pico'n'limes. as tasty as it looks! tune in next time, same coconino time, same coconino channel. steve.


lee said...

just wondering if you call it
Pico de Garro?...

Anonymous said...

High Steve. I checked you out at the Frameforum. Thought I would stop buy to say hello. I was surprised when I saw you in a wheel chair. Your still taking care of serious business I see. I was born with a disability,(almost took a dirt nap at 9 months,last rites when I was sixteen etc.) Like you I am stubborn,(I am 52!!). I use to build some years back and I am going to rock and roll again. Some a-hole stole my last bike.
I will post again.