Monday, November 12, 2007

mid-november happenings.

well, trying to get denise's new bike going, and it's rather frustrating! i've changed my dropout choice four times, even brazing one pair onto stays, only to set them aside for a later project. i haven't recived the front dropouts yet, which got sent out from australia, who knows where they are. the spokes were waiting for othere tools to get shipped out, haven't seen them yet, so i can't lace the wheels to see if all the clearances are correct. arrrgggghhhh!!!! it has to be done by the end of the month to go to paint for the bike show, so something's gotta give and choices will have to be made. here, however, is the front triangle, which is tight'n'right, and most of the fork all dummied up. i hand bent the blades and brazed the steertube to the crown, but that's as far as i got, as i said, i was hoping the front dropouts with rack eyelets would show. i'm pretty stoked on the crown, it's a new fat-tire design from kirk pacenti at it will fit a BIG tire, and uses a 1 1/8" steer tube. soooo....., i know what you are thinking. yes, i'm taking fork orders, BUT, at this time, ONLY for my frames. no fork only orders. and, only lugged silver brazed, and only for axle-to-crown lengths of less then 425mm-ish, and canti brake mounts. yep, traditional, good'ole forks. 1" or 1/18", straight or curved blades, cross or mountain/touring. and, squeezed in a good five hour ride a couple of days ago, tried to link connector trails that nobody uses to keep out of the dust. did a great loop, and had a totally clean run down orion springs. saw lots of critter tracks, including this big wild turkey track, and a great view of the peaks. hopefully brown santa will still show today with some goods.......steve.


Kerry said...

Hey Steve. I wondering about building up a cross bike with clearance for big old 29 tires. kind of a cross bike on steroids. what do you think? would you be up to it? love your work keep it up.

Japhy rider said...

grrr! that looks rad. what about lugs? next thing we know, you'll be building lugged frames for oversized mtb tubing with custom Coconino cast investment lugs.


steve garro said...

careful what you ask for.......steve.

Sabrosa Cycles said...

the fork is gorgeous.

Andrew Campbell said...

1) That fork crown is pretty darn cool.
2) Geezum. I know things are bigger out West, but any turkey that makes a track that big would have me scared for our dogs.

Keep on rocking.

matty-b said...

Lugs !?!?
Hot Damn !
Now I have a reason to get back on the list for my 2nd Garromobile !