Monday, November 19, 2007


well, i've been super busy this week, sorry for not clocking in.....i've been working on denise's bike for the handmade bike show, and it has sorta been kicking my ass. it's a full rigid 650b/27.5" wheel. on one day i found myself lacing the wheels, building the fork and the frame at the same time and seemingly getting nowhere. so, i focused on the wheels first and got them done, then built the fork. lugwork is no "plug and play" i'll tell you. it's hard to get all the bits to fit tight. but, it came out really pretty! i'm probally only going to be making these for bikes already on order, and they will run about $275/$300. not entirely sure yet, i gotta do a little cost analysis kinda thing on them. i still have to put brake studs and rack mounts on still....but, it runs a 2.35"+ tire, no problem. gonna go out and braze the frame together tomorrow first thing, more pics then. also, got in a day biking up climb 3 and down sunset trail, and a day on the lake fishing, fish tally: barry 1 big fattie, steve 5 really decent rainbows, and gullo pulled in one all day, and it was a beauty! all the trout were fat and hard chargin'. and, zoey hall came over for some kitty nappin'. more soon! steve.


Japhy rider said...

Japhy rider here, happy to see you're givin' those fishes hell and having some fun.

myself, i'm checkin' from the from Saratoga, WY - recon for the Continental Divide? actually, preseason field work for snow hydrology stuff. cool though, to travel the roads those GDR'ers rally race through on bicycles (between Wilderness areas). maybe someday, on my tourin' rig.

Japhy rider

Anonymous said...

Yo Steve, who's that old dude with the gray beard? Have I seen him on the wall at the Post Office?
Rock on bud!!!

Anonymous said...

I agree. The disguise doesn't work on us MGullo. Does it get in the way of Tecate and turkey this week?

Nice looking fork work Garro!


pork said...


watch out for the gooch, he may be playin' you, next time you go out he'll probably pull in more than anybody. he's a regular bill dance.

ride on