Thursday, October 25, 2007

the straight dope!

here's what's going on: jim's bike is done, whew! twenty-one brazeons, thank you very much. it's gonna go out and get a coat of john deere green with gold nugget top coat. sweeeeet. and, some random shop pics of order and mayhem. buisness as usual! starting lee's bike today, he says he's gonna ride it across mongolia, and i belive him! more pics later....... and, here's a pic of my foot....boy, when it's purple and cold, it huuuurrrts!! just one of the many joys of a spinal cord injury. i'm sorta surprised everybodys' not lining up to get one. arrrgggh. and a couple pics of yesterday's grovel up weatherford canyon. boy, it sure was rocky and pretty. looks like aspen season is over, the 50mph winds the other day took them all down, and there are shattered trees everywhere! sorry for the short post, man, i'm throttled on work right now, a good thing! thanks all for reading, keeping me busy, and caring. you all rock! steve.


the original big ring said...

I had a serious accident a few years back, suffered tendon and nerve damage to my right hand. It gets the same way when it gets cold. I really have to watch it when xc and skate skiing.

Beauty bikes Steve - love coming back to your blog to see what you're producing! If I had the cash, I'd have you build me a sweet cx bike!

perryd said...

I love those pics of you pounding out miles on the arm bike. Keep 'em comin'. And, as always, keep 'em rockin'!