Monday, October 01, 2007

san juan river daze

well, what can i say? it was a quick four days filled with sun, fun, great food, beautiful scenery and new friends all basted with a little beer and sprinkled with a fine layer of sand! it was all over too quickly, and it was hard to watch all our old and new friends shove off for six more days of the same. enjoy the pics, it was as good as it looks, and get out there and do the same. meanwhile, there's a bunch of new boxes in the shop with new tools, parts and david's bike ready to be opened. more on that later, steve.


Anonymous said...

Welcome home, glad you enjoyed the respite! Now get to work.

Preskit Matt

mimbres man said...

Did the New Mexicans turn up their noses to your salsa? Guess not!
Great shots!