Monday, October 08, 2007

mid-october, burrrrr!

got the bike cycle going on.....brazed one together, started another one, waiting for one at paint....sooo, here's chris's not-quite-defluxed new frame. man, i think it looks cool! that's definately not off-the-shelf geometry. it's a really small 29er. i'm usually not a proponent of 29er's for shorter folk, but chris has a short inseam, and a long torso and arm. toe overlap and weird angles were not issues, we just had to allow for standover, and, the curved toptube shrunk it down quite a bit. i bet it rolls log ramps really well. the seatstays came out really cool. the tight bends and two piece construction coupled with the angle they met the seat tube was a real fabrication challenge. next, jim r.'s new bike in the first stage of construction - a blueprint and some squeaky clean tubes. i've known jim since 90', i think, and i don't think he's ever had a bike that fit right. it's gonna be personally fulfilling to make him the best fitting bike i can so he can get out there and enjoy the grand coconino national forest in comfort! it's going to be a full build, so i'll document the whole build, probally starting oct 14th or so. and, got out for a sweet ride on saturday, up climb 3, down upper brookbank and weinie walk. the peaks had a dusting of frost all day, the temp while riding was 41*f, and conditions were perfect: moist, sunny and cool! had to turn on the heater for the 1st time this year, sally loves it! later, steve,


Anonymous said...

That is one wild looking frame! I love it. Definition of the word "custom."
I agree. Coming into the best riding weather of the year 'round here.

Andrew Campbell said...

Steve... woah, bubba! Al got that right... custom deluxe for sure!

Congratulations on a phenomenal two years back from the virtually-dead, too. Seems a little weird to be celebrating two years since getting ploughed by a pick-up -- but you and D. amaze me with your resilience and teamwork. Keep on rocking and hope to see you both in person sooner rather than later.