Tuesday, October 02, 2007

back to work - some cool stuff!

whew! back to work in a big way! already chaced and faced a new frame, laced a couple of wheels, built a front triangle, and got another frame order. the way pretty burgundy frame is davids - i really dig the color, and it has a nice gold sparkle in the sun, too. i'll post some pics when it's built, too. also, a detail shot of the disc sliders, an option i have been doing a bunch lately. it allows you to run a disc with standard horizontal dropouts, another option along with sliding dropouts and eccentric dropouts for singlespeed disc brake setup. and, a couple new goodies, an anvil fork jig and a sputik stem jig. i'll start offering forks and stems starting in december after some experimenting to see what style and materials i'll settle on. i know for certain i'll be offering touring/cross forks and stems, not sure about hard core off-road items yet, but keep posted.....and, chris d.'s front triangle. looking pretty cool! more as soon as i get it together, steve.

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Japhy rider said...

very fun! never ceases to amaze me that you are always learning to do new stuff, embrace the "experimental" and hone the tried&true.

yep, you've got a case of "eternal burning fabricating fever!"

can't wait to read about and finally get aholt of a lightish and fastest Coconino heavy duty fast bike - throw down a lap out to Pyramid Lake, or a burn to Sand Mountain, or take "her" down to Death Valley for some long long paver laps this winter.

Japhy rider